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Summer Camp

Are you joining us !?

The charming French coastal city of Dunkirk will once again be hosting a rigorous figure skating camp this year. The camp focuses on enhancing skating abilities, jump and spin techniques, off-ice training, jump harness instruction, and spinning guidance. Whether you sign up for one, two, or three weeks, this camp offers a distinctive opportunity for skaters of all levels to amplify their skills and relish an unforgettable adventure.  Regardless of your choice, each package is tailored to help you achieve your individual goals and offer you an inspiring and informative experience. Elevate your performance, refine your technique, and form new friendships during these unique figure skating camps in Dunkirk.

Go beyond your limits

Subscribe before may 1st and receive 5% discount

29 juli t/m 16 Aug 2024

Location: Patinoire Michel-Raffoux  Rte du Quai Freycinet 3 Môle 1, 59140 Dunkerque

Camp Info

3 x 5 days camp

3 ice & 2 ice sessions per day


Skating skills – jumps – spins – harnas   

extra booking choreo – private lessons 

Price: 1 week € 500,- / 3 weeks € 1264,-

Receive 5% discount by signing up before may 1st.

coaches team

Jolanda Franken

Thomas Kennes

Sophie Jouini

Go beyond your limits

Package deal: 3 weeks camp € 1200,-


  • Receive 5% discount by signing up before may 1st.
  • By signing up you pay € 100,- deposit fee.
  • Remaning camp amount has to be paid by cash before the start of the first campday.
  • We will send you a notification after your subscription and deposit payment.
  • Participants should be aware that in the case of cancellation, no restitution of the deposit fee will be provided.